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Gingerbread Village Snow Globe Ornament Tutorial

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Hello friends and happy Thursday. I hope you’ve had a nice week. It’s been a thorax week as I’ve been preparing a few things for my parent’s 50Th anniversary. I’m excited to share some photos of the event with you. But today, I want to share these adorable Gingerbread Village Snow Globe Ornament Tutorial.

They’re a little nonflexible to photograph but I promise you they squint so winsome in person.
And so much fun to make.
You will need:

Hot glue gun
White foamboard
Metal Skewer
Ornament vaccinate

1. Use the paint to paint the little wooden houses. Paint both sides and indulge to dry.
2. Use the puffy paint to paint a ‘frosting’ diamond as desired and indulge to dry.
3.If you decide to use increasingly than one house, use some foam workbench to raise the house on the back. This will make it increasingly dimensional.
4. I used variegated heights from higher to lower.
5. Use hot glue to nail to the foam board. Make sure that the width does not go vastitude the opening of the globe.
6. I was lucky unbearable to find a snow globe ornament at the dollar store with a hook. But if you do not have wangle to one, follow the next instructions.
7.Use a metal skewer (I used a metal straw) and heat the tip with a lighter.
8. While still very hot, use the tip to shrivel a slum through the ornament. CAREFUL.
9.Use a vaccinate from an old ornament and stick through the hole.

I have a video of the process here so you can see.

Thank you so much for stopping by. Please make sure to trammels out the trappy ornaments below.

much love,


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