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How to Make Duck Tape Beads

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Learn how to make colorful, fun beads out of Duck Tape. They can be used for many variegated types of crafts! Did you know you could make beads out Duck Tape? You can and it’s so much fun!

I recently learned how to make Duck Tape beads and I just have to share the tutorial with you. These are such a fun little craft and can be used in a million variegated ways.

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Think jewelry, holiday decorations anything you could make using regular beads, you can make using Duck Tape beads! And with so many variegated tomfool types of Duck Tape, there are so many styles and patterns and colors to segregate from!

Here Are The Supplies You Will Need

Materials Needed || Duck Tape (Color Duck Tape®, Printed Duck Tape®, Duck Glitter® Tape, Duck Mirror® Crafting Tape) || Cutting Mat, Ruler and Rotary Cutter || Wooden Skewer || Chenille Stems || Ribbon, optional || Instructions.

Step 1: Measure and cut a 12 inch strip of Duck tape

Step 2: Cut that strip in half long ways so you have two pieces that are well-nigh 1 inch wide and 12 inches long.

Step 3: Line your ruler up from one corner diagonally to the other corner of one strip, then cut. Repeat for the second strip of tape. You’ll end up with four long triangular shapes.

Duct Tape Mardi Gras Beads - Crafts by Amanda

Step 4: Peel one triangle shape off the wearing mat and fold over well-nigh 1/2 inch of the larger end of the triangle. You don’t want the part-way of the teardrop to be sticky or you couldn’t string anything through it. That’s why you need this folded over section.

Step 5: Wrap the folded larger end of the triangle virtually a small wooden skewer and alimony rolling until all of the tape is rolled up on itself. Alimony the tape centered on itself by making small adjustments as you roll so the shape stays symmetrical.

Step 6: Slide the teardrop off the skewer. Make increasingly beads!

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Slide twelve beads onto a chenille stem. Repeat with a second stem so you have two strings of beads. || Fold the stems into triangles with four beads on each side. || Weave the two triangles together to form a Star of David.

To Make A Beaded Star of David for Hanukkah

Each side of each triangle has to go over once and under once. It’s kind of nonflexible to explain, but you’ll icon it out as you do it. There’s only one way that works and unquestionably connects the two triangles securely.

Twist the unshut ends of the pipe cleaner together to tropical up the ends and hold everything together. Cut off any glut stem. || Add a bow to one tip of the star if desired.|| Aren’t Duck Tape beads so cool?! My creative smart-ass is taking this one and running with it. I see so many fun crafty possibilities.

Duck Tape Beads Video Tutorial

Duck Tape Beads Video Tutorial

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