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Large Metal Hoop Christmas Ornaments

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Make these tony oversized Christmas ornaments out of metal hoops and cozy yarn.

Today I am sharing a really pretty DIY Christmas decoration tutorial. Let’s make oversized ornaments out of large metal hoops! These turn out so tomfool and squint like something you’d buy at a high-end Christmas boutique. And considering we are making them ourselves, we can make them in whatever verisimilitude and style matches our Christmas decor. Let’s go!

Large Metal Hoop Christmas Ornaments

To make your own oversized DIY Christmas ornaments, you will need the pursuit materials. I bought everything at Hobby Lobby.

Materials Needed

Metal Hoops (3 per ornament) I used the 12″ and the 16″ || Christmas Greenery || Christmas Floral Picks (Champagne Glitter Leaf Frosted Crabapple) || Yarn Bee Eternal Bliss Fluffy Yarn (I used the verisimilitude Ivory) || Christmas Ornament || Coordinating Ribbon || White Zip Ties (6 per ornament) || Hot Glue Gun Glue Sticks || Wire Cutters || Scissors


Step 1: Place three metal hoops together so that they form a sphere shape. Use zip ties to secure them together at the two ends where the hoops overlap. I used three zip ties on each end, so that when I was finished, each of the six spokes coming from the convergence point had a zip tie between them.

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Make sure to retread each hoop so that they are all centered and make a perfect sphere. I pulled my zip ties 90% of the way, then did minor final adjustments, then once I had the hoops just right, pulled them all the way tight. Cut off the glut zip tie tails.

Step 2: Wrap all parts of the hoop sphere with the fuzzy yarn. It works largest to cut pieces approximately 3 feet long, then secure the whence and end to the hoop with hot glue.

Start the next piece where you left off and you won’t plane be worldly-wise to see that it’s a variegated piece of yarn. And trust me, it is MUCH easier to use smaller pieces of yarn rather than trying to alimony the whole skein together and tangle free.

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Step 3: When all of the metal is covered with yarn, add decorative sprigs of greenery and floral picks to the top of the ornament. Remember, you can cut larger stems untied to fit your project.

Step 4: Add a hanging ornament from the part-way inside the hoops. Attach a ribbon loop and bow to the top for hanging. And that’s it! Squint how cute they are!

And here I am holding them to requite you an idea of just how large they are. And I didn’t plane use the largest misogynist hoop, which is a whopping 20 inches. How cool!

I hung mine from the ceiling in a corner of the family room and they squint wondrous there. They’d be super cute hanging in a grouping on the porch. Or you could plane use them on a Christmas tree.

Oversized Christmas Ornaments Video Tutorial

I think these would be so gorgeous using silver tinsel and vintage colorful ornaments for that retro Christmas vibe. You could do a colorful gingerbread theme or go super modern or do archetype red & green. And just think of all of the variegated ornaments you could hang from the center!

Oversized Christmas Ornaments Video Tutorial

I saw several Christmas wedding that I scrutinizingly used. Wouldn’t that be cute? I’m telling you, there are just so many ways you could take this idea and make it your own. Shop Hobby Lobby Christmas for tons of holiday decorating inspiration.