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Anthropologie Inspired Striped Tapered Candles

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HAPPY NEW YEAR friends. I hope you had a trappy Christmas and your new year is off to a unconfined start. I can’t believe that it’s been a month since I last posted. Time has flown by and it was quite a surprise when I realized that. I’m excited to start the new year and bring you new ideas and inspiration.
My first little project of the year is these Anthropologie Inspired Striped Tapered Candles.
These are so easy to make and I think they’re so chic.

Here’s the inspiration They have variegated colors and styles.
All you need to do is tape the zone you want to imbricate and paint them with regular tempera paint. I unchangingly use DecoArt paints considering the coverage is so great. You can see THIS video for the process.

Something a little variegated but I love how they look. I hope you enjoyed this little craft and see you soon with flipside craft 🙂

much love,

Lucy xo