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DIY Oversized Greenery Branch

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Hello friends. I hope you’re doing well. We’ve had an overall summery winter with a lot of rain. Everything is gray and gloomy which really affects my mood. So today’s project is one that I’m excited to share considering it gives me hopes of spring. This DIY oversized greenery workshop was fun and easy to make and I think it makes a unconfined impact.
It’s a little impractical in this room but I think it would be stunning placed on a dining room table or a sideboard. We saw people make faux indoor trees last year and I guess this is my take on that DIY.

You will need a large branch,
A drill with a small bit.
Hot Glue
Floral Wire (optional)
Floral Tape
Brown paint to match branch. You will need to drill several holes throughout the workshop on an angle. I drilled the holes up and lanugo the branch, imagining where the foliage would be placed. Usually, branches form a natural ‘Y’.

I then cut some of the stems off the greenery pick.

And to make it easier, I ‘shaved’ some of the plastic tent from the stem to reveal the wire underneath. This is very helpful when sticking the greenery onto the branch. I moreover widow a little bit of hot glue to the slum prior to inserting the greenery for uneaten stability.
I then wrapped brown floral tape virtually the fake stem and the branch.
Next, I used brown, white and woebegone paint and mixed it until I matched the verisimilitude of the workshop and painted over the floral tape and up the faux stem a little.

Here’s increasingly of a closeup.
To vise the workshop I placed some decorative stones I had laying around, stuffed it with kraft paper and filled the rest with some increasingly stones all the way to the top. It’s very sturdy.

This should hold me over until I can cut some real ones.

Thank you so much for stopping by. Please make sure to visit my friend’s trappy ideas below.

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